William H. Goodson III, MD

My commitment is to allow sufficient time to care for you. In the operating room, this means meticulous attention to detail and applying 30 years of experience to achieve the best possible surgical results for you. In the office, this means appointments that are long enough to address your concerns and answer your questions.  In practice, this means following up on all the details of your breast care. 

Most of the individual facts of medical knowledge are very simple, but there are many relationships between facts.  These relationships can become quite complex and sometimes confusing. It takes physician time to be certain you understand what is going on as you decide on the plan for your health. I want to know that all your questions have been answered.  I will allow time for you to understand what is going on.

Finally, breast diseases do not happen in isolation.  You are a whole person.  I am interested in your overall health, including, but not limited to, the self care decisions you are making now that can have a major impact on your future health and longevity.